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Alfagreen Supreme Alfalfa Pellets 50 lb
Manufacturer: Alfagreen Supreme
Size: 50 lb
SFC ID: #000663
Typically In-Stock: Yes
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  • Alfagreen Supreme produces ONLY Direct Dehydrated Alfalfa.
  • It starts with proper field management to grow a supreme, consistent and vibrant alfalfa crop.
  • Our alfalfa is harvested fresh, then thermally dried, direct from the harvested field and never from a suncured process.
  • Direct Dehydrated Alfalfa is never stacked, bailed and or stored in the outdoor elements.
  • Our freshly harvested alfalfa is pelletized, cooled and made available to store in climate-controlled storage facilities and ready for distribution.
  • Direct Dehydrated Alfalfa entails the highest level of nutrients and is consistently fresh given the process consists of harvesting fresh alfalfa direct from the field.
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