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Purina Land O Lakes Wind & Rain 7.5 cp 50 lb
Manufacturer: Purina
Size: 50 lb
SFC ID: #006226
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  • Provide your cattle the consistent mineral intake they need to thrive with Purina® Wind and Rain® Storm® All Season 7.5 Complete Beef Cattle Mineral. Containing 7.5% phosphorus, essential macro and micro trace minerals, and supplemental vitamins A, D, and E, this product provides the complete mineral nutrition to address mineral deficiencies inherent in forages-while supporting optimal health, reproduction, and growth. Protect your mineral investment using the patented Storm® Formula with large particle size ingredients that reduce waste and optimize consumption. Now you can feed your herd mineral supplementation 365 days a year without weather interruption or water damage. Purina recommends testing your forages to ensure you provide the appropriate mineral and vitamin supplementation to your herd year-round.
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